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  Fiction Poetry
  Monsters (OP) Amphibian Dreams
  The Thesis Cheap Visions
  Two Diaries Fragments
  Lucifer Dreaming Light from a Vanished Forest
  Waiting for Better Times in Bulgaria Microscopia
  Musings Retreads
  Murmurs (2011) Tropomorphoses
  The Clinic (2011) Weeds
  Parapurgerno (2009) Wild Apples
  Falling Light (OP) Night Wolves
  Musings (Short Stories) Sweet Flowers bitter fruit
  Coyote Redux Masks
  Forgotten Ruins Carbon Dreams
  Coyote Remasked Eutopian Dreams
  Coyote Rebooted Waste Heat
  Coyote Reloaded Worlds Greatest Athlete (OP)
  Coyote Reconstituted Coyote Regurgitated (OP)
  Coyote Renegade Coyote Refocused (OP)