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Our books are listed here in alphabetical order, but you can view them by author, form, or subject. Clicking on the title will allow you to see the cover or contents; from there you can order the book at a sales site. If you have any difficulties, please contact us (editor@3Muses.us).
The Editors

BOOKS in Alphabetical Order



Amphibian Dreams

Anamorphoses (2014)


Carbon Dreams

Cheap Visions

The Clinic (OP)

Coyote Redivivus (OP)

Coyote Redux

Coyote Remasked

Coyote Rebooted

Coyote Reloaded

Coyote Renegade (2013)

Domiture (2014)

Eco Deco (2011)


Ektropic Design (2014)

Ektropic Invention (2014)

Eutopia Lost (2014)

Eutopian Dreams (2014)

Eutopian Essays

Eutopias Or Outopias

Eutopias: Making Good Places Ecologically and Culturally

Falling Light (OP)

Fragments of Leukippus

Global Emergency Actions

Good Forestry

Gone Away

Light from a Vanished Forest

Living Places/Ordering Spaces

Lucifer Dreaming

Lucifer Resplendent (2011)

Lucifer Re (OP)



Monsters (OP)

Musings (Short Stories)

Murmur (Short Stories) (2012)

Night Wolves

One Earth Many Worlds (2011)

Poetic Archaeology of the Flesh (2011)

Principles & Practices of Ecological Forestry (2013)

Redesigning the Planet

Redesigning the Planet: Regions (2012)

Redesigning the Planet: Local Systems

Redesigning the Planet: Foundations

REplacing (OP, 2011)


RE: viewing-thinking-turning

Sweet Flowers bitter fruit

Sweet Lies bitter truth (OP)

SynGeo ArchiGraph (2010)


The Thesis


Two Diaries


Waiting for Better Times

Waste Heat

Wild Apples

Wild Foresting

Wolf Paths (2014)

Wolves (2011)

Zephyr (2015)